Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) funds and executes the research to develop personal and social health and wellness, happiness, and peace in the community. We expertize and specialize in mindfulness-based-yoga for stress reduction, awareness building, confidence boosting, psychic relaxation, personality grooming, maximizing personal potential to eventually aim at world peace. Our prime focus is on tailor making a harmony module for the needs of the particular group we work with to suit their requirements. AAF is has a systematic, scientific approach with non-judgmental attitude Anu learnt as an MSW, masters in social work, dedicated to all, the slum children and those challenged. Our entire work is backed with years of research on mind, psyche, body, emotions based modality; the success of it focused on diverse segments of low income group children, cancer patients, the marines. Our teaching is based on long term solutions and for the attendees to take-back-home glory of positivity, skill, link with the vital life force, and a lasting lingering happy and health addition to their life.

The Founder

Anu Aggarwal

Date research starts: July 2013
Foundation Registration: June 2017


ANU is a child of nature and destiny who lives despite the medical faculty giving up on not just her health but her being alive. A memory loss, cognitive disability, fractured and paralyzed body, left her with spirit level truth– only to know to love-care-give-serve the community. This is what brought the non-profit foundation to be registered.

People know Anu as an award winning movie star, India’s first supermodel but they missed the fact that Anu is a child yogi turned Buddhist meditator and monk. Not just a master healer for 20 years, who is humble enough to consider herself a perpetual learner, Anu has had the fortune to experiment mindfulness healing through direct experience.

Our Philosophy

Mental health problems and dis-ease is on a rapid rise in society. This apart from causing personal commercial and relationship problems, leads to a fall in performance levels of people. What to talk of social connectivity and issues of aggression, corruption and an unhealthy world

We teach you to program the mind positively to get fitness, health, beauty and have more fun boost post your while maximizing your potential to boost performance. Be happy. Live your dream.

“The world is so because the mind sees it so.”

This cognitive behavioral therapy thinking is actually one of the oldest axioms of Tantra, the oldest existing, more than 10,000 years, philosophical science and practice.

And the mind is malleable and plastic to be deep-fed positive affirmations, latest findings of neuroscience are based on this.

We can train the mind to be attentive, aware, happy while we drive away the scourge of depression, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem etc. to be healthy and an active member of the community.

Unleash the Power of the Mind

The planet is in peril today and while it can be argues that most problems are ecological and environmental, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, cures people through mind-based nurture. Ancient leaders used heart-breath quotient, an integrative holistic approach alongside and-body purification to do so.

We team the ancient holistic science with latest findings of neuroscience, naturopathy, art to maximize individual potential and social connectivity.