Upcoming Events

6-8 July 2018, Presenter STRESS MANAGEMENT at ICNM conference at London View Image
Stress Buster sessions for ONGC Offshore Staff at Mexico on 28th July 2018.
International World Cancer Day, Agra 10th Aug 2018, talk session.

Past Events

Confidence building with HIV/ AIDS-affected girls between 5-14 age.
Rehabilitate destitute women in Baap Nu Ghar, Mumbai.
Celebrate World Kindness INDIA on 13th November, 2017.
Support Mary Kom Foundation fundraiser on 26th November, Mumbai.
Relief work and interaction with the underprivileged children, Mau, Uttar Pradesh.
Relief work and motivational session for orphaned girls residing in Rainbow Home.
Happiness training with the girl child in Dharavi, Mumbai.
Be Positive Peace candies to 100,000 kids with Wockhardt Foundation.
Launch of the first International World Yoga Day in Mumbai, 2013.
International World Yoga Day, Rishikesh 2015, talk session.
AnuFun with children forced into rag picking, Goa.
Stress Buster sessions for ONGC Offshore Staff.
Happiness education Litfest for Municipal and English medium Schools.
Rehabilitation of PTSD cases in slum areas, Mumbai.
Treating cancer patients in palliative care facing extreme Anxiety and Depression.
Patient care, Sleep apnea issue sufferers.
Positive outlook with youth–confidence building Dalai Lama Foundation, India.
Celebrate World Cancer Day, 4th February, 2018, Constitution Club, Delhi.
Developing Program for Refugees with UNHCR.
Women Empowerment with a Pakistani NGO, Jama Masjid, Delhi.