Ashiqui star Anu Aggarwal today, is a Sanyasi-Yogi, Buddhist Monk, trained in Boddhisattva vows of compassion. A student of “the Science of Happiness” and positive psychology Anu digs into the 10,000 year old ancient universal knowledge of Holistic Healing and fits them with the latest discoveries of neuroscience. Lets work on 1000s of years of prevailing bad habits and ignorance for a peaceful beautiful society.


The Founder Anu Aggarwal:

Smiley Ambassador, Youth Icon, Naturopathy Doctor, Bestselling author, Holistic Healer, TEDx speaker, Iconic Actor/Model, Monk, Diver, Philanthropist, Masters in Social Work

Anusual: Memoirs Of The Girl Who Came Back From The Dead


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