“Plans are useless, but planning is everything”

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s sage advice, Stanford University

AAF with the mindset “not just yoga” is a fresh and adaptive modern holistic way to tackle the negatives in society. With a hugely successful past of continuous hard work and collaborations with some of the biggest in the non-profit as well as the profit industries we positively look up to the coming years and excited to see what more we will be able to contribute to community.
In the next two years we see to expand our services and its benefits pan india for our care of the community.

We at AAF understand the significance of specific goals, clear vision, and above all have a clear strategy for implementation.

For our short term goals we adapt to SMART i.e.

SMART= specific, measurable, artistic, realistic, time-bound

The organization has sourced relevant information and materials to assist in communicating to and supporting clients.

Our Development Tool Kit

We are globally entering a period of transition. We at AAF understand that going forward on this transformation highway we have to make sure we are person centered, financially stable, and have good governance in place.
We ask if a proportion of our revenue will be government funded as having all proportion of our revenue based on donations might need a proportion of our revenue to be based on fund raising activities?
AAF is looking to have a robust understanding of the cost to deliver each service.
And understand what service is the most financially sustainable for our organization.

So if we look at our progress, as on a transformational highway, then we have to successfully address and complete our work zones to be person or company centered based on their weaknesses, strength, opportunities and threats what I call the SWOT principle.
SWOT= Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Since going forward is based on a clear and decisive past we objectively evaluated AAF to see where we stand. This is what we see:
AAF has: Clear organizational objectives or vision.
♣ Culture that promotes person-centered approaches.
♣ Business and development plans that include opportunities for partnerships and alliances.
♣ Strong leadership, and strategic direction in relation to offering relevant services in the market.
♣ Scalability (increased or decreased demand), and flexibility to respond to changes in the market. .
♣ Sound understanding of the needs in the market.
♣ Ability to respond to demand for new and alternative services.
♣ A sound governance framework that supports change, growth and flexibility.
♣ Appropriate skills and/or capacity of the Board to oversee strategic and organizational decisions and adapt to changing conditions
♣ A mission statement and values that put people at the centre of decision-making..
♣ Strong alliances and links to the community.
♣ Strategies around attracting, recruiting and retaining suitable staff.
♣ Robust and reliable data collection mechanisms

Our Approach:

We at AAF have an adaptive approach which relies on experimentation, recognizing patterns, and holistically using it. We constantly ask ourselves:

It starts with our organization’s strategic direction with our longer term strategy focused on expanding our geographic footprint. And for this we need to understand enough about the clients in the area.
What changes do we need to make?
What are our main sources of revenue?
What proportion of our revenue is based on Government funding?
What proportion of our revenue is based on donations?
What proportion of our revenue is based on fund raising activities?
Does our organization have a robust understanding of the cost to deliver each service?
What service is the most financially sustainable for our organization?

With the world in the fluid transition it is in, we at AAF, constantly are in the process of reinventing some of the old approaches to strategize while we adapt and accept the new reality. Positivity is the key. So instead of the old approach: Observe– Orient– Decide–Act, in today’s turbulent scenario, we can get much better at making strategy a self-correcting series of intentional experiments. In fact, AAF started out with experimentation
of the ancient science India’s spiritual heritage and snowballing it with latest findings of neuroscience, and the impact has been tremendous.
We at AAF create strategies that are truly adaptive

In the last two months This is the Stanford Strategy Plan that agrees a lot with what we are already doing:
“We think that what is necessary today is a strategy that breaks free of static plans to be adaptive and directive, that emphasizes learning and control, and that reclaims the value of strategic thinking for the world that now surrounds us. Martin acknowledged this point at the Skoll World Forum in 2010 when he said: “Every model is wrong and every strategy is wrong. Strategy in a way helps you learn what is ‘righter’. People think you can prove a strategy in advance. You can’t.”
The approach we developed in working with our clients at Monitor Institute is what we call adaptive strategy. We create a roadmap of the terrain that lies before an organization and develop a set of navigational tools, realizing that there will be many different options for reaching the destination. If necessary, the destination itself may shift based on what we learn along the way

While the last year till March saw immense action, events and activities, our policy now is to invest time in research to locate members in community, government, and similar like-minded organizations to tie up with fro further expansion. Since we at AAF are our specific to join hands only with the non-fake and honestly successful NGOs a lot research is required. As you can see we are strict about that and is the reason why we had AAF registered under companies act, even though it increases compliances and the work involved thus.
AAF is in the process of expanding, preparing for stretching our associations and partners there have been several meetings to form prospective alliances. Since our focus has always been on the benefit of challenged, the lesser-haves, the most needy in the community we are now looking to tie up with NAB, the National Association for the Blind.
Several meetings are happening to confirm the possibilities the blind can have skills developed, confidence restores, live in the community, after training, as a normal part of it as useful citizens. We are working on how Anu Aggarwal Foundation can be of of help pan India, for NAB.

At the same time talks have been on with OBE, Inner Vision Orchestra, music from around the world, OBE to work with the challenged musicians in UK.
We have also had a few meetings with SEEDS an NGO for controlling tobacco usage in Bihar.
AAF has proposed to start a program for wellness of children between 12-14 who are addicted to

1. TV, banners, the Aashiqui star founder will personally campaign and shoot for the videos.
2. Booklets about it will be distributed in schools
3. Awareness yoga mats will be distributed for free in low income group children and women
4. Specific focus on young girls to develop their core strength to ward off high rates of suicidal rates in girls between 12-16 globally.
5. Government support will be asked for as we work on Beti Bacaho Beti Padhao andolan.
6. Invest money in social media paltforms, refurbishing the website for AAF as you know digital world is the future,

The hatred and increasing violence, threats, rapes and the like show we don’t know who we are. We are very far away from our center.
Serena Williams after she came down to earth after being in outer space shuttle said– If people could see the humanity from outer space they would know we are all one and all fights would stop making the worlds a peaceful place to live in.

Wake up Smell the Coffee
At AAF to bring peace to the world –one of our goals is to have people remember their lost belonging and where they came from. The founder Anu had to go through death and when  she defied it she came back with a realization – you and your neighbor come from the same source. 9n that we are all one. fighting with another is fighting with your deeper self.

We propose to counter this:
1. to begin with 200 Teachers to be trained for training young children using AAF module keeping specific age groups in focus
2. Apps, videos, audio instructions to be recorded which will be provided to the teachers for their use
3. Dedicated Staff to be hired by AAF to work together as a team for the implementation of its goals


Fitness is a very external concept in the society today. The yogis of yore emphasized the fitness not just of body but of mind and psyche. We at AAF propagate this soulful idea and internalize fitness for the larger benefit of community.
We live in a fast changing world today, one that is getting more and more withdrawn from the inner reality but drawn to manmade external prototypes. In a recent survey research on depression India was found to stand number one in the list. This means Indians top the depressed list globally. And 50% of India is the youth below thirty years of age. (give stats…..)
These figures are alarming in as uch as it draws the mind to Sat Yuga, the golden age, where India was the most prosperous nation economically, and socially, this staggering realization led the founder Anu to do something about this drastic shift.

1. Encouragement to be fit within taught by Anufun to all schools with our focus on municipal schools. 200 Teachers will be trained and certified for this to start with
2. Popularization of the inner fitness idea through documentaries, TV, other online and offline media
3. Pamphlets, booklets to be made and distributed with FIT HO, FIT RAHO idea
4. Compassion view and training of inner fitness given through Anufun
5. Inner Fitness yoga mat to be designed and distributed while also being sold on the AAF website

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