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Demystifying the chequered weave

The weavers in Kaithun, Rajasthan weave ordinary yarn threads (dor) into the billowy yet regal fabric, hence the name Kota Doria. Square weave patterns (called Khat) produced by a combination of cotton and silk making it one of the finest open weave fabrics in India. The cotton provides stiffness and strength and the silk adds lustre and softness making the fabric an ideal choice for summers. The intricately woven zari (real silver/gold-coated wires) designs lend a subtle yet magnificent touch helping you shine on any occasion. The fabric is an amalgamation of versatility & elegance.

Kota Heritage Society
A/C  No: 31626987132

Chhawni Choraha Branch,  Kota


Contact Details:

Jyoti Gupta:

Victoria Singh:


Jyoti Gupta: 7738892292
Victoria Singh: 9829036384

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