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Who We Are

AAF is the brainchild of the dwija, twice-born, Anu Aggarwal to transform lives by re-programming the mind positively, using her DIY miracle in her care of the community. Star of the blockbuster Aashiqui, Anu has always thought out of the box and had the courage to implement wild but innovative new ideas. Her care for the community and the people edge her on to work tirelessly for the good of the humanity at large where we don’t just give jobs, relieve stress, enable fresh air to breathe in—- We do much more than that.

What We Do

● Our experimentation of the ancient spiritual heritage of India and snowballing it with research, the latest findings of neuroscience, has had a tremendous impact. Positive holistic programming of children, destitute women, as well as get high, stressed adults, point to the fact that individual wellbeing leads to societal harmony and peace.
● We work with de-stressing corporate adults while positive reprogramming children, women.
● Thus far we have de-stressed and awakened inner joy in 15,700 kids with a goal of reaching
100,000 by 2020.

Who Needs Us?
Anybody who has a mind needs us.
Relax. Revive. Rebuild.

Anybody who wants to optimize his potential does.
Anybody who wants peace does.
Anybody who wants to break the cycle of suffering needs us.
Anybody who cares about the environment does.
Anybody who wants to support Anu in this mission


Anu played an orphan in her super successful movie, Aashiqui. Today, she raises the inner joy in supporting young orphan girls, working on mental hygiene of HIV+ children, destitute women, underprivileged people, the blind, suicide victims are some in the list. Anu has won several national as well as international awards for the noble work she’s dedicated her life to.

Each life has challenges. ❤️ #suicide is hardly the answer, the way out.
It may sound easy to say this but believe me, I have been there. A double whammy it was #bollywood and then #trauma #ptsd it was #death 🙏

From the desk of Anu

When things get hard and really bad in your life, jump up, switch to another path #medite.. Why accept #defeat?

I am living proof this works
#meditation #positivemindset #anuaggarwal #anuaggarwalfoundation #sadness #humor #optimism #gratitude #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #bollywood
#suicide is for #loosersbench #nepotism #becool #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #staysafe
What you can do?
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