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Carol (name changed) has experienced profundity of the great and noble virtue, Kindness, at a different level that most of us may not even sense.

Hers is not the narrative of acts of worldly kindness but one that is in touch with supernatural Higher Intelligence. The ordinary world may view her as what it calls a ‘schizophrenic’ as she ‘hears voices’ of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha and some famous personalities like Barrack Obama, Steven Spielberg and others. Her state of being is specifically termed as ‘audio schizophrenia’ in the medical world, that is, her conceptions are primarily in the realm of hearing what may not have physical presence or tangibility; in other words, as she puts it, she ‘hears voices’ that others around her don’t. When it started, the experience was so overwhelming and unique that she had to seek medical attention to go about life in the normal way. She was on regular medication and  counselling that is administered to individuals who have similar conditions in order to cope with the situation. 

Initially, the experiences on account of audio schizophrenia were unnerving for Carol and too much to handle, given her young age. Gradually, she learnt to make peace with the voices and started seeking elements of sublime in them. The voice of Mother Mary felt the
most soothing and nurturing, which, for her is the ultimate representation of kindness for her. She delved deeper into Her voice and found great calmness, which began freeing her from the ‘medical condition’. Having accepted her state of mind, she gradually began to feel better and more attuned to higher things. She couldn’t help wondering at the marvel of
Mother Mary and what Her voice has done for her; that, for her, is the greatest experience of kindness. She began discovering the power and miracle of prayers to the Almighty, and gradually recognized that the correct way to offer pray is to discard trifles and ask Him frankly for what you want.

Ever since her young age, she has felt inspired by kindness. Despite excelling at academics right from school days and having a successful career spanning a number of areas including Advertising, Public Relations and shipping industry, she chose to associate herself with Kripa Foundation, a respected NGO where she offers compassion, loving support and care to the downtrodden.

Carol’s ultimate goal is to become a saint and if things work out, serve the society for which she’s also open to joining politics. Her belief in kindness gives her joy and her goal is to spread happiness and mercy everywhere she goes.

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