Since its inception in 2017, Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) is extending support, partnering with various social service organizations established to uplift the underprivileged, the socially handicapped, the challenged children and adults. The core of AAF’s operations includes collaborating with establishments to rehabilitate the ostracized through holistic healing, mindfulness based yoga, meditation and more, which are conducted by the founder, Anu Aggarwal herself.

AAF has been holding sessions in orphanages, HIV / AIDS rehabilitation centers, women’s rescue centers etc. with an aim to help maltreated individuals, often children and women, feel secure, to raise awareness among them and boost their confidence.

The Foundation AAF is currently in an evolving stage, wherein receiving support and funds to pursue its objectives is one of the priorities. AAF the non-profit runs on donations but we are also looking at fundraising for marketing
initiatives and advertisement. Nevertheless, Anu has dedicated herself to explore all avenues of serving the needy by organizing, attending, and presenting in a number of events, International and national conferences and workshops. Following are some of the recent programs in which Anu has participated in Mumbai and other cities:

Some Activities / Projects conducted prior to the above :

DESIRE Society, home for HIV / AIDS-affected children where shetrained them in building confidence, yoga, personal hygiene, and meditation (Mumbai).
Baap Nu Ghar, a residential institution that rehabilitates women who’ve faced domestic violence (Mumbai).
Celebrate World Kindness INDIA on 13th November, 2017, Title Waves Bookstore. to spread awareness about kindness (Mumbai).
Supporting Mary Kom Foundation organised fundraiser on Saturday, 26th November at Hotel Orchid in Ville Parle, Mumbai in which Mary Kom, AAF, motivated youngsters to take up boxing (Mumbai).
Relief work and interaction with the underprivileged children (Mau,Uttar Pradesh).
Relief work and motivational session for orphaned girls residing in Rainbow Home, (Delhi).
Happiness training with the girl child in Dharavi (Mumbai).
Distributing Be Positive Peace candies to 100,000 kids with Wockhardt Foundation, Mumbai.
Assisted in a successful launch of the first International World Yoga Day in Mumbai, 2013.
International World Yoga Day, Rishikesh 2015, talk session.
AnuFun with children forced into rag picking in Goa and Mumbai streets.
Stress Buster sessions for ONGC Offshore Staff engaged in perilous job of extracting oil, Happiness education with arts and Litfest for Municipal and English medium Schools; Energising Waste.
Management Be Happy; Rehabilitation of PTSD cases in slum areas.
Treating cancer patients in palliative care facing extreme Anxiety and Depression.
Patient care, Sleep apnea issue sufferers.
Positive outlook with youth-confidence building for better health and performance with Dalai Lama Foundation, India.
Celebrate World Cancer Day, 4th February, 2018, Constitution Club, Delhi.

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