One who Didn’t Give up but Fought back to Win

Purvi (name changed) has been a resident of Bapnu Ghar for nearly a year. She came to Baapnu Ghar when she could no longer endure harassment her husband and in-laws subjected her to for years.

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She Suffered. She Resisted. She Conquered.

Vandana (name changed), battled extreme hardships from the time she got married until she found shelter in Baapnu Ghar. Having grown up facing difficulties right from childhood

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Bravest Little Girl Smiling through Uncertainty of Life

Shipra (name changed), a bright and spirited nine-year-old looks like any other child who loves to play with other children her age, draw and even preen like a model.

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World Kindness Day 2020

World Kindness Day 2020

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognise the opportunity. –

John F. Kennedy

“Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.” – ..

Why is kindness important

Kindness improves our quality of life in the workplace as well as in the community. It brings people together. Doing good for others feels good. Showing kindness to others is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.

Everyone is affected by an act of kindness. Kindness is contagious and you never know just how big of an impact a small gesture of kindness can have.

Kindness improves our quality of life in the workplace as well as in the community. It brings people together.

Doing good for others feels good. Showing kindness to others is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.

Stop and think before you talk or act (Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?).

Remember to laugh throughout the day. Spreading joy is its own act of kindness.

Lead by example

Always remember your manners. Our parents taught us them for a reason, please make sure to use them. Thank you. Others will follow your lead.

Put an end to petty criticism. Remember the saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? Try to keep it positive.k

Awareness of our own emotions is key here and that can be developed.

me with skim children – respect, considerations, show they are of value, that they matter. This is human positive psychology.

Welcome new employees with open arms. Take a moment to introduce yourself to new employees and get to know them. We’ve all been the new person at one point or another, so make sure you’re doing your part to make them feel welcome and part of the team. After all, they may be the future of our company and our next goodwill ambassadors.

Recognize one another’s strengths; not weaknesses. A pat on the back can go a long way. I have never met a person that doesn’t like to feel appreciated.

Be kind to others. Always remember that even though you may work in a different department, we are all in this together.

Now is your moment: Spread a little joy, make a difference in someone’s day, and remember to always be kind!

How it has helped us:

We have been helped by somebody being kind …

We will talk about Why you should be kind and not mean

In devastating times of covid

In an increasingly interconnected world, crises throw up profound questions for us all – as individuals, communities, organisations, societies, nations, and indeed, as the human race. From climate change to religious polarisation, from the refugee crisis to COVID-19, humanity is being

Many such resources are springing up in a grassroots manner across India and around the world. In addition to this wealth of resources, YourStory presents a compilation of 60 quotes on how to frame, accept, interpret and overcome a crisis.

A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly. –

Desmond Tutu

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We are Tax Compliant Pay Tax on Time

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Can joy be your birthright ?

Happiness is something we all look for but what really is happiness? Is it having your dream come true? You may think yes but my own pertinence shows otherwise.

In 1991 I accidentally turned a massive star after being the lead actor in a huge blockbuster movie. Overnight my life had changed,  Awards were showered on me, I got millions of fans, I became a Bollywood queen at 21 years of would think WOW! But believe me, a happy child,  it left me the unhappiest I ever have been. My mind wandered, I was chased by fans in public and secretly by 5e paparazzi.

Soon I would see myself in a yogi, spiritual rehabilitation.

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind,

I sought refuge in vipassana meditation and believe you me,  pledged ten days of silence following 5 precepts of no meals after 13 noon, no thoughts of sexual misconduct, no negativity I trained for 10 days. I cam back a different person I was not the star agitated girl who had started the course.

Attention-deficit. 47% of Americans cannot or do not pay attention to what goes on in their day.

Back after monkhood, I was living Zen pondering over how best I could put compassion in action. after understanding the relentless nature of the mind and how to use it to one’s best advantage.

I experience of watching 60 kids in a class with 90% paying zero attention to the teacher. I started to study the power of the mind. I came across neuroplasticity the belief you can change qualities in mind, planting positive affirmations.

Suicide – steep rise 1

Meaning and purpose in life not a subjective quality but a toll on our health and other aspects of our well-being.

So  there are intimate connections between our psychological well-being and our systemic health Each of these challenges affects the brain

How do you develop attention?

Resin for no attention

4 pillars to develop healthy Minds:

Ways to keep our attention and resist distraction. Psychologists and neuroscientist call meta-awareness. Meta awareness is knowing what our mind is doing.

I am having meta-awareness today on coming back to the thought of


Interpersonal relationships

Activate tent qualities.

Kindness, compassion etc.


The narrative we have about ourselves, of yourself, it is not about necessarily changing how e narrative but becoming aware of it. What do I think of myself? Awareness. Even in yoga we watch our body like a witness. This heals.,


Having a sense our lives are moving in a direction. Doing housework as laundry or cleaning helps.

Neuroscience 2 kinds of learning:- 1.  ValUe learning like just hearing about like eating a Satsang about kindness does not mean you will go home and be kind to others, so the second kind of learning 2. Behavioural learning to produce real transformation, our brain is not plastic so we can harness the neuroplasticity to change our brain. E.g. Compassion training

Mechanisms to change the brain

Start your day with gratitude, positive thinking

Have a bath, make your bed.

WIle brushing teeth

Having tea



Loving-kindness. You could start with this:

Bring a loved one in your mind. Be kind.   May you be happy

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The new normal: How life has changed due to COVID-19?


Tips for coping with mental health during coronavirus covid-19 anxiety worry, unpredictability.

Change is difficult to adjust to and especially when it rips apart all our lifestyles, belief systems and any kind of certainty we could have had about the way we live and the place we live in.

Over the past few months, we’ve experienced an unprecedented shift in our way of life due to COVID-19. Pre-pandemic, where a trip to do a weekly grocery shop, seems like an adventure of its own! Before we know it, we’ve (reluctantly) let go of our old normal and now settling into what seems to be our new normal. And who knows if this has come to stay.

With the fundamental shifts in our life here are some tips of how to adjust to the anew Normal.


Masks and gloves may be commonplace, depending on where in the world you live.

Queuing is now the norm, be it when visiting health professionals, going to the shops, or even getting in a lift.

Public transport looks very different, with social distancing in place and commuters wearing masks and gloves.

We do a double-take when we hear someone cough, sneeze, or sniffle. We’ve been conditioned these past few months to be hypervigilant for these symptoms, but hopefully, this might also mean that higher standards of hand and personal hygiene will continue.

We’ll start to holiday more in our own backyards due to travel restrictions, which can only be a good thing for local economies as they cope with the decline in overseas and interstate tourist numbers. Wanderlust for overseas exotic locations will also be on the rise, and Instagram will no doubt fuel those desires.

The small things that make up our community have changed. No more sausage sizzles at Bunnings, no community sports, no lingering over brunch with friends at the local cafe, and salons have closed due to the pandemic. We’re hoping our local small businesses – our hairdressers, barbers, cafes, restaurants, health professionals, newsagents, boutiques – make it through the other end (so be sure to support your local small business!)

The larger sporting landscape has also changed. Sporting leagues have paused but are cautiously eyeing a return, and national and international meets are near impossible given travel restrictions. Sport has also been hit particularly hard by a coronavirus in the year of the Summer Olympic Games, which have now been postponed to 2021.


Education as we know it has changed. Schools and universities have moved online, some blending face-to-face with online lectures. Universities around the world are feeling the impact of the absence of International Students. Conferences will be paused, and international collaborations and sabbaticals now look very different from previous years.

Work has also changed due to social distancing. So many of us shifted to working from home to minimise travelling on public transport and gathering in groups at the office. Zoom meetings even became our New Normal. With restrictions easing, we may cautiously rotate back into working at the office in shifts or embrace working from home on a more regular basis.


Social distancing, social distancing, social distancing. No more packing in large crowds when we all have to have a personal bubble of over a metre. We have said goodbye (for now) to attending concerts, plays, movies, festivals, museums, etc., but hopefully, they are able to return soon.

Not seeing loved ones…for their benefit. Elderly parents and grandparents, pregnant friends or new parents, or those with health conditions that render them more vulnerable to coronavirus – we’re staying away to keep them safe. In a time when it’s more important than ever to stay connected, this can be particularly challenging for all.

No visits from loved ones from interstate or overseas. With travel restrictions in place and unlikely to lift for the foreseeable future (particularly international travel), families and loved ones are being kept apart and having to make do with online catch-ups.

Social greetings have morphed. Gone are the days of greeting friends and extended relatives with handshakes, hugs, and cheek-kisses. Friendly gestures like these are now being curbed, to be replaced by elbow bumps and foot-shakes, or waves from a (social) distance.

The way we ‘dine out’ has changed. Many restaurants and cafes may only be serving takeaways at the moment, but even when they reopen for us to dine-in there will likely be restrictions around how many are able to dine-in, social distancing will be in place, and shared plates may disappear for quite some time.

So how can we ease into this new way of living? Read on for tips to help you adjust to the New Normal.


It is very human to miss the old ways, and as with any change (at the best of times!), it’s easy to feel a sense of loss.

Throw in a pandemic, along with changes to routines and plans for the weeks and months ahead in 2020, and it’s more important than ever to acknowledge the challenges and difficulties that we face in light of COVID-19. 

Yes, there will be denial, anger, maybe even depression and acceptance, as we pivot and adjust to our new normal (whatever form it may take). But it’s important to give yourself time to grieve what you have lost.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to grieve, there will be more space to start embracing your New Normal.


Having a routine can help create some sense of normalcy during a time of chaos, so get creative so that you can continue on in some way:

No longer able to go to the gym? Go online with home-based programs that can be done with little or no equipment.

Missing your ritual of a morning coffee to kick off a workday? Make your own at home (latte art optional), and be sure to enjoy it mindfully before checking your emails.

Unable to have regular brunch catch-ups at your local with friends? Order takeaway and connect via Zoom.

Above all, be flexible when it comes to finding your new routine…let’s remember that these are challenging times!


Writing about your experience – be it your thoughts, feelings, what you’ve done, anything! – can be quite therapeutic and a great chronicle to look back on long after COVID-19 has passed.

Whilst a default during these times may be to focus on the coronavirus chaos, don’t forget to record things that make you feel better by taking a gratitude approach (see the prompts in Point 1 in this article). 


With much of your life now happening between four walls, having a designated space at home to work or study (or to journal!) can help maintain boundaries between work and play.

Take it one step further and dress to get into the right frame of mind…it can be challenging to whip up the motivation to meet a deadline when you’re in your pyjamas the entire day. 


Social distancing does not mean social disconnecting (even if it feels easier to hibernate until this is all over). In the new normal you can still connect with family and friends – just in different ways!

It does take a bit of creativity though when we can’t do a lot of the things that we previously did, so if you’re looking for ways to make social connections happen in your New Normal we’ve got a great article here on how to stay connected in time of pandemic both online and offline.


The New Normal can be challenging at times, so celebrate anything that puts a smile on your face, large or small. Made a nice cup of tea this morning? Great! Walked your dog today? Awesome! Saw a funny meme on social media? Go ahead and chuckle!

We don’t always need “major” events to happen to make us feel happy (for example, winning the lottery). Smaller moments of joy all add up! If you’re finding you’re focusing on negatives, why not look at how Positive Psychology can help you find the feel-good factor during these challenging times?


You are allowed to take things one moment at a time! We may not know what the next minute, or even the next hour, will bring.

Set yourself a realistic goal and allow yourself to adjust it when you need to. Remind yourself that we’re currently living in extraordinary times, so give yourself some grace during moments like these:

With everyone at home now it may be more difficult to keep the house tidy, so adjusting expectations about housekeeping may be more helpful rather than stressing out about having to clean every minute.

Between working from home, homeschooling the kids, and doing continuous food preparation throughout the day, there may be days when you have no energy left to cook dinner. So consider ordering takeaway (and support your local café or restaurant!) or reheating some frozen food. Now is the time to be human and to ask for help.

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Navaratri- the 9 Nights – How do they help us?

If you are born, educated in an Indo-west culture then your religion and your health are two different subjects.

You perhaps believe Indian festivities to be a part of a Hindu familial-social milieu, a background we grew up in.

You participate in observing it as a habitual routine. Hardly with a personal significance, connect and definitely not a cosmic one that can shift your life to a glorious one.

In this non-knowledge the loss is ours.

The powerful, universal nature of Navaratri, is way more than where men don’t shave, women fast, a period of austerity rather than that of a celebration.

An amazing time when the ozone formerly, powerful, auspicious cosmic rays penetrate the density of earth to reach us.

For free.

The only catch is we connected to get them.

To enable these 9 nights to prepare us to handle the hardships of the rest of the year, with grace.

This special time showers on us  excellent harmony at the planetary level, a blessing for us to proliferate abundance in our work, relationships and grant us solutions to such that would eventually increase chances of our  #innerpeace


   #Meditation  #happiness  #healing  #peaceofmind #yoga #anufunyoga #anuaggarwalfoundation

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Unconditional Love the biggest cure

Aashiqui the movie the songs were and still is magical. That is what we celebrate this year when it completes 30 years of popularity. But I was exposed to a miracle even bigger than this. So here the story starts.

Bachman me ek Kahani suni thee ek sapnon ke RajKumar ki Jisne ek Sadharan oti Ladki ko pari bana diya. Pariyon ki kahanian bhi sach hoti hein. Mere Sath hui.

Mera dil tere like dhadakta hai o o oo ooo

And then one day a freak accident stopped my heart from beating.

In the hospital, the doctors had to pump breath back into me with an endotracheal tube. Many surgeries later I slipped into a coma., Doctors this seemed to be the end of the darling of the nation, household name Anu Aggarwal.

This is s miracle they exclaimed when I 29 days later opened my eyes. But still my. The gestation period was 3 years where they suspected I would slip into death when bedridden a vegetable case.

My vision had expanded and I literally saw the stars and beyond my earthly small stardom I became one with the supernovas when my body lay crushed, immobile, paralysed, bruised, scarred, and nearly dead

With Aashiqui, I had felt connected to the tons and millions of people, fans. With this I was speedily got connected to God which I found is the source we all come from the super force we all basically really are.

That health, love, beauty, happiness, peace, dream fulfilment is a click away. I had to turn you all to this to magical truth.

For that, I made my foundation AAF for my love of the community.

Heartiest best of wishes to each one of you as I realize love makes the world not just live but thrive.

Inner awakening. #Inner transformation. #anuaggrwalfoundation #Innerpeace #connect. #Bollywood #aashiqui #anuaggarwal #success #movie #film #dusky #beauty

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Conceptual Wellbeing with AAF over Covid-19

As Covid-19 is implied Co for corona, VI for virus, D for disease and 19 represents the year of its happening. This transmittable respirational disease emerged in Wuhan. This is vast destruction which is out of control from our hand. People are losing their loved ones and they could not do in cremation due to this terrifying virus. Psychological disputes has been emerged during COVID-19 has been defined underneath.

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Corona impacted human existence at a vast level all the dimensions of human life has been affected such as social, mental, physical,  economical. As we have been going through this calamity worldwide we need to understand its impact on us.

The Psychological Effect of COVID

The psychological effect of COVID-19-This traumatic condition brought by COVID like we are not able to meet someone or any kind of outdoor which enlightens us various kinds of fun has been at a standstill. The consequences of corona which influenced to the people at the mental level have mentioned underneath:

How we can resolve all these mental issues by AAF (Anu Aggarwal Foundation) which Based on meditation techniques of Vedic tradition of India. Healing power by the traditional yoga system. Modern era takes body and mind together or collectively but ancient tradition based the uniformity of body, mind and soul. The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words Ayus ‘life’ and Veda ‘science’. Translated, Ayurveda is the science of Life. Ayurveda is a collected wisdom of ages and stages and is extremely relevant to today’s world. We are explaining underneath the way in our foundation is working to heal all mental issues.

Study of Mind –We try to cure ourselves on the surface level. During anxiety you feel sweat, feel impatient and tense, a hasty heartbeat, to cure these sentiments we understand all the configuration of mind which. The mind can be instituted by five basic components of the mind:

  • Manas

  • Ahamkara
  • Chitt
  • Buddhi

All the elements mentioned above are the foundation for mental well-being. We provide yogic postures and visualizations of how you cope with these sentiments by the integration among them. Focusing on breathing helps to release anxiety and fear and calm you for enlightenment.

Relaxation practice with a grouping of yoga– Numerous people have been suffering from hopelessness due to the long duration of the epidemic. Social isolation has been creating a more traumatic experience for the societies. The emotional symptoms of depression can be mentally devastating. People going through depression reveal higher levels of cortisol, which is related to cortex and amygdala. Involved in emotion regulation, memory loss the amygdala becomes large also called stress hormone. Studies have demonstrated reduced levels of cortisol by practising yoga. It is thought that the breathing exercises that are in yoga encourage the body’s easing response, and mindfulness. We cure depression, trauma with some very operative asana which are mentioned underneath:

  • Sishu Asana
  • Shavana
  • Halasana
  • Setu Bandhasana

Sense of balance the tri- Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha-:

Sicknesses arise as a consequence of inopportune food and Regimen. This results in the instability of the tri- doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. loss of taste or smell, sore throat, dry cough, fever all these are the symbols of COVID-19 we subconsciously nagging about symptoms but what is behind the drape discrepancy of Vata, pitta and Kapha which causes sore throat and other issues  We provide some explicit practice of breathing to cure all dosha separately. Breathing patterns to enhance our thought in enlightenment. 

  • Meditation on the breath is suitable for Pitta

  • Meditation by  the walk is useful  for Kapha

  • Meditation on the Mantra effective for Vata

  • Reshaping of the mind – Ayurveda is, first and foremost, a science of preventative living through the application of amassed perception. Ayurveda offers Effective Treatments. Our belief lies in numerous practices of traditional healing get the inner strength. Several healing techniques have been used for restructuring the mind which is the core part of the body as well by intending on some explicit parts of our breathing pattern we can redesign our thought according to our necessities.

Forming an equilibrium amid body, mind and soul–The human body is not capable of sensing bliss or distress for example during coma a person incapable of feeling so there is a mind whch is controlling our body as well. Consciousness is composed of a mind which is pure and eternal so we connect with inner consciousness to create a connection by using some

           Self-awareness Common themes in AAF are self-awareness self-        regulation, and self-care. Our Training in self-regulation skills means   assisting them in identifying and cultivating strategies that develop their abilities to control and contribute to their health and wellness. Self-kills training taps into the individual’s natural drives for mastery and self-control.

To be sum up we must understand the necessity to sustain our mental health by using all the practices of reshaping the mind and self-awareness and ancient system of our relaxation therapy in the form of yoga.

# Intelectual well-being 

#coronavirus #corona19 #health #healthawareness #vulneraable #anufunyoga #yoga #mindfulness #awareness #meditation  #ayurveda #anuaggarwalfoubdation #AAF #psychology #positivepsychology #mentalhtgiene #mentalhealth #wellbeing #service #happibess 


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