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The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown have caused widespread devastation on several levels. The poor and the downtrodden in Dharavi in Mumbai, Asia’s most densely populated slum are affected severely.Not only are they at the highest risk of contacting the virus but also faced with hunger. Their livelihoods have been shattered and they have no means to support themselves. They are unable to have even one proper square meal a day.AAF has been unswervingly engaged with taking proactive measures for residents of Dharavi.  Anu has joined forces with Acorn Foundation that is providing meals and essentials support to such families in Dharavi. They are inviting people to lend a helping hand by contributing to meal packets that are distributed among the hapless people there.

The kit comprises wheat flour, rice, three types of pulses, turmeric, chilli and spices packets, edible oil, onions and potatoes as well as bathing and detergent soaps and toothpaste.

  • Donation of INR 650 feeds a family of five people for a week
  • And a donation of INR 1,300 feeds a family of five for 15 days.

A contribution of either would go a long way in helping the helpless battle hunger and despair.

All donations are 80 G tax-exempt, tax-free