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We come to peoples aid to relieve them of mental, spiritual, physical suffering.

You can t change the world if at all you can change how you look at it. It is not what happens but how we react to it that makes the necessary difference.
Ancient philosophy predicted a fact that is confirmed by Cognitive behavioural therapy today.

But how to do it? The good news is we can train the mind like a horse dealer trains a racehorse and sometimes has to whip the ‘bejeezus’.

We can make friends with the mind. For that relentless attention is required. There are techniques hidden In treasures like diamonds.

They were discovered by the ancient rishi’s or research scientists Many thousands Of years ago. They left them behind in the ancient Texts for their caring love of the generations to come.

I proved they worked when my life was at threat. I had been left to die after medical science abandoned me as a hopeless case. What is, even more, I had lost my mind

I suffered PTSD, amnesia, severe trauma, with the hippocampus in my brain-damaged I had no long term or a short memory. I healed by the power of the mind. Research started here the success of which developed into Anufunypgq.

Mental health is not just stressed it is more than that. I found ways of addressing the human mind through the vast reservoir of Indian spiritual knowledge. Then I found a parallel structure to combat the menace in modern science. Miracle healing occurred.

I offer it today for it is this I was sent back miraculously from the dead. Any age, gender, type, tall, fat, ailing, mentally or physically or emotionally ha something valuable to gain from this.

Try it. Join us. Support us to support those who need it the most. It could have been one of us. These people are a part of us.

All donations are 80 G tax-exempt, tax-free