Can joy be your birthright ?

Happiness is something we all look for but what really is happiness? Is it having your dream come true? You may think yes but my own pertinence shows otherwise.

In 1991 I accidentally turned a massive star after being the lead actor in a huge blockbuster movie. Overnight my life had changed,  Awards were showered on me, I got millions of fans, I became a Bollywood queen at 21 years of would think WOW! But believe me, a happy child,  it left me the unhappiest I ever have been. My mind wandered, I was chased by fans in public and secretly by 5e paparazzi.

Soon I would see myself in a yogi, spiritual rehabilitation.

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind,

I sought refuge in vipassana meditation and believe you me,  pledged ten days of silence following 5 precepts of no meals after 13 noon, no thoughts of sexual misconduct, no negativity I trained for 10 days. I cam back a different person I was not the star agitated girl who had started the course.

Attention-deficit. 47% of Americans cannot or do not pay attention to what goes on in their day.

Back after monkhood, I was living Zen pondering over how best I could put compassion in action. after understanding the relentless nature of the mind and how to use it to one’s best advantage.

I experience of watching 60 kids in a class with 90% paying zero attention to the teacher. I started to study the power of the mind. I came across neuroplasticity the belief you can change qualities in mind, planting positive affirmations.

Suicide – steep rise 1

Meaning and purpose in life not a subjective quality but a toll on our health and other aspects of our well-being.

So  there are intimate connections between our psychological well-being and our systemic health Each of these challenges affects the brain

How do you develop attention?

Resin for no attention

4 pillars to develop healthy Minds:

Ways to keep our attention and resist distraction. Psychologists and neuroscientist call meta-awareness. Meta awareness is knowing what our mind is doing.

I am having meta-awareness today on coming back to the thought of


Interpersonal relationships

Activate tent qualities.

Kindness, compassion etc.


The narrative we have about ourselves, of yourself, it is not about necessarily changing how e narrative but becoming aware of it. What do I think of myself? Awareness. Even in yoga we watch our body like a witness. This heals.,


Having a sense our lives are moving in a direction. Doing housework as laundry or cleaning helps.

Neuroscience 2 kinds of learning:- 1.  ValUe learning like just hearing about like eating a Satsang about kindness does not mean you will go home and be kind to others, so the second kind of learning 2. Behavioural learning to produce real transformation, our brain is not plastic so we can harness the neuroplasticity to change our brain. E.g. Compassion training

Mechanisms to change the brain

Start your day with gratitude, positive thinking

Have a bath, make your bed.

WIle brushing teeth

Having tea



Loving-kindness. You could start with this:

Bring a loved one in your mind. Be kind.   May you be happy

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