One who Didn’t Give up but Fought back to Win

Purvi (name changed) has been a resident of Bapnu Ghar for nearly a year. She came to Baapnu Ghar when she could no longer endure harassment her husband and in-laws subjected her to for years.

She Suffered. She Resisted. She Conquered.

Vandana (name changed), battled extreme hardships from the time she got married until she found shelter in Baapnu Ghar. Having grown up facing difficulties right from childhood

Bravest Little Girl Smiling through Uncertainty of Life

Shipra (name changed), a bright and spirited nine-year-old looks like any other child who loves to play with other children her age, draw and even preen like a model.

About Pursuing Dreams and Imagination Relentlessly

Carol (name changed) has experienced profundity of the great and noble virtue, Kindness, at a different level that most of us may not even sense.

Little one Setting an Example Despite all Odds

Eight-year-old Meena (name changed) who has been residing at DESIRE Society’s Goregaon centre, hails from Kolkata. She lost her mother when she was an infant and her father,

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