Little one Setting an Example Despite all Odds

Eight-year-old Meena (name changed) who has been residing at DESIRE Society’s Goregaon centre, hails from Kolkata. She lost her mother when she was an infant and her father, who was infected with HIV virus, died in a few years. When Meena was also diagnosed HIV positive, she was ostracised completely and shunned by other family members. It was a kind-hearted army officer in the neighbor hood (who happened to be there in the city for a few days from his posting in a remote town), reached out to her. He made arrangements, willingly bore all expenses and brought her to Mumbai’s DESIRE Society centre for girls where she could be rehabilitated.

Meena has been at DESIRE for three years now and is growing up in a normal, healthy and stable environment with other girls like her. She goes to school, attends summer camps that the organisation arranges every year and is also discovering new facets of life. The generous army officer who brought her to DESIRE and gave her a new lease of life, has been in regular contact with her and enquires about her well-being, which gives her much happiness.

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