Membership letter

Heartiest congratulations on becoming a valued member of Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) and sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts here.
We welcome you warmly for joining our cause dedicated to spreading happiness, good health and safety among all.

Your decision to join AAF at this stage when we are braving the COVID-19 pandemic is especially laudable.

There’s always something we can do for those who are more vulnerable and exposed to the lethal virus despite measures being taken by other good Samaritans.

A considerable part of our activities would now be dedicated to providing support and relief to people most affected by the pandemic.

You are warmly welcomed to join us on our mission, meet us, interact with the founder online and share your valuable thoughts.

At the same time, we’d like to notify you that due to the prolonged lockdown and tremendous changes in recent times, some changes have been made to the AAF membership policies.

Our policies are being revised (keeping your valuable gesture of support in mind and so in favour of you).

Remember you can still support us, volunteer in events online, pure valuable ideas, help to buy food for the hungry le in any other way that you think. We encourage innovation.

Given below are the details which have been modified according to our work from the home regiment.

You can still:

-Be an integral part of each event we organise or participate in online

-Volunteer and offer your skills and time for furthering the cause of AAF 

-Get a 10% discount on paid charity events like a music concert or programmes having charges on tickets

-Interact with the wonderful and lovely star, Anu Aggarwal and work directly in tandem with her online

-A discount of 15% for family or company to learn AnuFun for better health and happiness in our mental health program we may start

-An exclusive AAF T-shirt that can be worn to all functions

So dear member, we look forward to a long and enriching association with you. There’s a lot to be done and achieved to make this world a better place for all.

For that, we would also urge you to spread the word about good work being done by AAF in your circles and get more people to join our movement.


Be A Member

Get this unique, twofold membership which works out to start helping people instantly, as your money goes directly into AAF funds and starts to support our causes, while it helps you in saving tax, not to mention member benefits.

What is, even more, you can choose which cause you would like to support. Check our causes and let us know. We would be happy to use it there. Plus we have you covered as it is tax-free for you.
So come join us we look forward to having you in our family and raise blessings of the needy.
Lifelong membership is only Rs 2999/-
All donations are 80 G tax-exempt, tax-free
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