Navaratri- the 9 Nights – How do they help us?

If you are born, educated in an Indo-west culture then your religion and your health are two different subjects.

You perhaps believe Indian festivities to be a part of a Hindu familial-social milieu, a background we grew up in.

You participate in observing it as a habitual routine. Hardly with a personal significance, connect and definitely not a cosmic one that can shift your life to a glorious one.

In this non-knowledge the loss is ours.

The powerful, universal nature of Navaratri, is way more than where men don’t shave, women fast, a period of austerity rather than that of a celebration.

An amazing time when the ozone formerly, powerful, auspicious cosmic rays penetrate the density of earth to reach us.

For free.

The only catch is we connected to get them.

To enable these 9 nights to prepare us to handle the hardships of the rest of the year, with grace.

This special time showers on us  excellent harmony at the planetary level, a blessing for us to proliferate abundance in our work, relationships and grant us solutions to such that would eventually increase chances of our  #innerpeace


   #Meditation  #happiness  #healing  #peaceofmind #yoga #anufunyoga #anuaggarwalfoundation

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