Purvi (name changed) has been a resident of Bapnu Ghar for nearly a year. She came to Baapnu Ghar when she could no longer endure harassment her husband and in-laws subjected her to for years.Her ordeal began the very day she got married; her husband got suspicious of her character on their ‘wedding night’ and accused her of adultery as she did not bleed while having intercourse. It gave her husband the right to storm out of the room on the spot and bring it to the attention of everyone
present there, which left her stunned, scared and humiliated. Her husband declared in front of the entire family and guests that he had decided to disown her. Purvi pleaded with her husband and in-laws and told them that she’d never been intimate with any man, but to no avail.

The next morning, she approached a gynaecologist and narrated her experience to her. Her husband, who followed her to the clinic, confronted her there again in public. The gynaecologist tried to calm him and told him that his suspicions were totally unfounded. She explained how the hymen can be ruptured without intercourse when a woman is engaged in physical activities like sports or any strenuous work. However, he was not convinced and refused to believe her. She somehow managed to convince him to accept Purvi and start a new life with her.

Though Purvi was eventually allowed to live with him and the in-laws, they ensured her life was miserable. She was assaulted physically and verbally over her ‘loose character’ on a regular basis.
Purvi’s parents were unable to do anything and watched her suffer helplessly. Although Pallavi bore two children, the harassment continued. In fact, things began turning worse as her mistreatment increased, and a point came when she was unable to take it anymore. One day, her husband, along with his family, threw her out of the house. They didn’t allow her to even meet her children.

Completely broken, scarred and devastated in spirit, Purvi was guided to Bapnu Ghar by an acquaintance. She managed to reach the centre, which extended a helping hand and offered accommodation and rehabilitation to her. She finally found the love, care and support she had been seeking. The centre not only provided for the basic necessities but also regular counselling sessions to her as well as her husband. A level of communication has been created between them as is the practice so that there are chances of a reconciliation between them. She also received training in various vocations to make her employable and independent.

It has been a year since she is at Baapnu Ghar and she feels far more stable and in a much better position today.

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