AAF, Non Profitable Organization got founded by Aashiqui star Anu Aggarwal – who owing to suicidal tendencies, depression, renounced top stardom and turned a karmayogi only to defy-death later and heal herself single handedly from acute trauma, cognitive loss, and paralysis, – to share the healing miracle for her care of the community as the masters in social work she originally was Anu has lived as a monk for many years further training herself in serving people selflessly.

AAF, mainly focuses to train people to re structure their minds positively. Children and youth can unleash their full potential to achieve goals and a remedy for highly stressed corporates de-stress, be happy.
AAF was thus formed by Anu to use her Masters in Social work degree in serving the community.
Karmayogi trained in renunciation and monkhood and working in the private sector

Vedic Science