Vandana (name changed), battled extreme hardships from the time she got married until she found shelter in Baapnu Ghar. Having grown up facing difficulties right from childhood due to forcible separation from biological mother and being raised by step-mother who deprived her of motherly love, Vandana’s suffering continued even after her marriage, which took place at a very young age. Her ordeal knew no bounds when she realised soon after marriage how she was kept in the dark about the psychological condition of her husband, a schizophrenic given to severe mood swings and bouts of depression. He displayed extremely violent behaviour along with a tendency of assaulting her physically on a regular basis.

The abuse continued for years, even after the birth of two children. She would be beaten up badly for no fault of hers. It was like a vicious circle for her from which there was no escape. She had no support from her parents and her step-mother. On the contrary, she was made to feel responsible for the situation and advised to ‘introspect’ to avoid suffering. Things deteriorated to such an extent that she was driven to the point of attempting suicide thrice. Each time she was rescued by her neighbours who also provided for medical attention. She endured the suffering and humiliation for the sake of her children until matters came to a head one day when she was thrown out of the house with her little daughter.

She turned to her parents and went to stay with them, but her husband began harassing and threatening her there as well. She didn’t want her family to face any kind of danger because of her,
so she decided to leave from there. She happened to hear about Baap Nu Ghar from an acquaintance who advised her to pay a visit there. Hesitant and unsure of what was in store for her, she took her daughter along nevertheless and was relieved when she was comforted by the staff  and made to feel welcome.

It has been quite a while since the day she took a tiny leap of faith by deciding to come to Baapnu Ghar. Today she is receiving training in various disciplines and vocations, which has elevated her confidence to a great extent. She thanks Baapnu Ghar and believes that if it was not for it, she would have been begging on the streets for survival.

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