Unconditional Love the biggest cure

Aashiqui the movie the songs were and still is magical. That is what we celebrate this year when it completes 30 years of popularity. But I was exposed to a miracle even bigger than this. So here the story starts.

Bachman me ek Kahani suni thee ek sapnon ke RajKumar ki Jisne ek Sadharan oti Ladki ko pari bana diya. Pariyon ki kahanian bhi sach hoti hein. Mere Sath hui.

Mera dil tere like dhadakta hai o o oo ooo

And then one day a freak accident stopped my heart from beating.

In the hospital, the doctors had to pump breath back into me with an endotracheal tube. Many surgeries later I slipped into a coma., Doctors this seemed to be the end of the darling of the nation, household name Anu Aggarwal.

This is s miracle they exclaimed when I 29 days later opened my eyes. But still my. The gestation period was 3 years where they suspected I would slip into death when bedridden a vegetable case.

My vision had expanded and I literally saw the stars and beyond my earthly small stardom I became one with the supernovas when my body lay crushed, immobile, paralysed, bruised, scarred, and nearly dead

With Aashiqui, I had felt connected to the tons and millions of people, fans. With this I was speedily got connected to God which I found is the source we all come from the super force we all basically really are.

That health, love, beauty, happiness, peace, dream fulfilment is a click away. I had to turn you all to this to magical truth.

For that, I made my foundation AAF for my love of the community.

Heartiest best of wishes to each one of you as I realize love makes the world not just live but thrive.

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