Vision & Mission

A wholesome world is one where the people live in harmony with themselves and the environment.

Sustain – Use natural resources to uplift the environment

Make In India
vision and mission

Educate – the Youth, adults to maximise their potential

vision and mission 2
vision and mission3

Share – Spread the word worldwide of infinite possibilities of empowerment – Anu gives a talk in Healh  onference for Yoga Reasearxh Association in Austin Texas, America

vision and mission 4
Inner happiness raising – Anu trains orphan girls in ancient yogic science
vision and mission 5

It is to give a new lease of life to the vulnerable, abandoned and the suffering that famous Cinestar, Anu Aggarwal (now a certified Yoga exponent who lived as a monk, learnt compassion, is now an expert in alternative therapies, naturopathy, CBT, doctor/healer, and holder of Masters in Social Work degree) established Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) through which she extends holistic integrative medicine, support for community wellbeing at the grassroots level.

Vision & Mission

  • Mission- Non-Formal Education For Individual and World Peace
  • Motto- Rid The Mind of Mental Defilements You Will Find Happiness and Peace inside You
  • Focus- Transformation by Positively Re-Structuring The Mind To Unleash Inner Power
  • Vision- To use the dynamism of self and environment boosted potential to raise the joy of living in individual and world peace


– Growing towards bliss— Children of the future

– Sustainable environment

– Beyond stress to happiness

– Meal for all

– Gratitude Empowerment

All donations are 80 G tax-exempt, tax-free

Case Study

One who Didn’t Give up but Fought back to Win

Purvi (name changed) has been a resident of Bapnu Ghar for nearly a year. She came to Baapnu Ghar when she could no longer endure harassment her husband and in-laws subjected her to for years.

She Suffered. She Resisted. She Conquered.

Vandana (name changed), battled extreme hardships from the time she got married until she found shelter in Baapnu Ghar. Having grown up facing difficulties right from childhood

Bravest Little Girl Smiling through Uncertainty of Life

Shipra (name changed), a bright and spirited nine-year-old looks like any other child who loves to play with other children her age, draw and even preen like a model.

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