Mind is the Saviour

Rishis, who possessed impeccable intelligence, in Vedic science believed the problem of Dis-ease or disease, to be psychosomatic, a dissociation of the physiology with consciousness. This can be corrected by the Vedic approach to health that starts with accessing the root levels of the mind. Thus was devised its treatment, following the Natural Laws and their direct connection with the system and functionality of a being. Sound, hymns, mantras, postures, yantras and such ways are used for purification of the mind. Once the discomfort vanishes, so does the stress related to it, revealing harmony of individual and cosmic consciousness.

Stress is of three kinds there is emotional stress, physical stress, and chemical stress. One of our biggest challenges is how to de-stress to create harmony in a politically and socially corrupt environment today. Where we are unprepared to manage our mind to stay balanced, uneducated in the depth of our anatomy, physiology and it’s a direct connection with consciousness, we have poor
postures, eat unhealthy food and have ridiculous eating habits, while globalisation vents out toxins that instigate chemical stress.

My Foundation anthem Awake Aware Fit – caters exactly to eliminate disharmony created by these monsters of stress. We have a strategy for massive impact not just on mind management but also a holistic as well as a specific plan to unleash human potential to its fullest while harnessing balance in a sustainable environment.

Health starts with educating the mind, not just naturopathic but one which raises immune levels, the Vedic idea being “We can’t change the world; if at all, we can change how we look at it”. CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy, has been working on this to yield positive results. The cause of discomfort is to be worked on rather than the discomfort itself. Preventive turns then to be the way to rather than being only curative.

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